Music is a rich and diverse component of a Loreto Toorak education. 

There are 30 ensemble groups available for students to join - bands, choirs, orchestras, instrumental ensembles and chamber groups. 

All students study Music from Preparatory to Year 8. Music is an elective subject from Year 9 with Music Performance and Music Investigation offered at VCE.

The Music Program also includes:

• Preparatory - Year 3 ‘Loreto Sings’ Program
• Year 3 Strings Program
• Year 4 Percussion Program
• Year 5 Brass and Woodwind Program
• Year 7 Instrumental Program – new students are offered a semester’s complimentary tuition on a variety of instruments
• Tuition is available on any instrument, including voice, for an additional tuition fee
• Performance opportunities including recitals, lunchtime concerts, Middle and Senior School Musicals
• Concerts include the Annual School Music Concert, Chapel Concert, Showcase Concert, Singers Soirée, Celebration of the Piano and Brass and Percussion Concert
• Masterclasses and Workshops are offered throughout the year.