Landing Day 2019


Today 19 July we commemorate LANDING DAY. On this day 144 years ago, in 1875, Mother Gonzaga Barry along with Loreto sisters, Aloysius Macken, Gertrude Quinn, Xavier Yourelle, Boniface Volcher, Berchamans Stafford, Dorothea Frizelle, Bruno McCabe, Margaret Mary Hughes and Joseph O’Brien arrived at Sandridge Pier aboard the ship, the Somersetshire. 

After spending the night at the Good Shepherd Convent in Abbotsford they took the train to Ballarat where they were welcomed by the Bishop of Ballarat and the towns people. So began the story of Loreto in Australia. 

We give thanks for the gifts of courage, imagination, persistence and faith of these women led by Gonzaga Barry- may they inspire us today and for the next 144 years!


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