Gold, Silver and Bronze at the World Aerobic Gymnastics Championships


It is with great pride that we will shortly welcome home Sophie Varis (Year 7), Lucinda Morrissy (Year 7), Milla Richardson (Year 7), Celeste Crivelli (Year 8), Ruby Richardson (Year 9) and Nina Iafrate (Year 11) who have been competing at the World Aerobic Gymnastics Championships in Phoenix, Arizona

Sophie, Lucinda, Milla and Celeste won gold, representing Australia as a part of The Lion King team in the AeroDance JUNIOR-Team finals, and Ruby and Nina were awarded a silver medal, placing second in the AwroDance VARSITY-Team finals. Astounding achievements and a wonderful reward for all the work and practise they have put in across many months.

Nina Iafrate, Sophie Varis and Lucinda Morrissy followed up this success with further achievements: 

  • Silver Medal Varsity Aerodance Individual - Nina Iafrate (Year 11)
  • Silver Medal Junior Aerodance Individual - Sophie Varis (Year 7)
  • Bronze Medal Junior Aerodance Individual - Lucinda Morrissy (Year 7)

We congratulate all the competitors, for their success and for their great passion, and thank their coaches and families for their hard work and support. Go Loreto Go!


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